In UNICA Barcelona Tours we are convinced that tourism must be responsible and sustainable, respecting the environment and helping to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. It sounds great, and especially now that everyone is talking about sustainability, slow tourism, environment or responsible tourism, but we don't want them to be just empty words.


Because we support local business

We are a family run company, we are from Barcelona and we collaborate with small companies like us, which struggle every day to offer quality products, where the love for things well done prevails; we support small restaurants, artisan shops, ecological cellars etc

Because we want you to know the culture of your destination

We are ambassadors of Barcelona and Catalonia and we are committed to guaranteeing quality and respect for the territory.

We want you to feel the real Barcelona, get to know our territory, get involved in the city, experience it with curiosity and respect. Enjoy it to the fullest during our tours and during your free time.

Because our impact on the natural environment and our carbon footprint are minimal

Most of our tours are on foot, by bicycle or with ecological taxis, so the carbon footprint is zero! But sometimes on our tours we use minivans or even buses. That is why, although our carbon footprint is very small, we compensate it, in collaboration with CeroCO2, by supporting its Conservation of the Amazon project in Madre de Dios in Peru.

Because our impact on the local community is also minimal

Because we try to ensure that our impact on the local community is not invasive. We lead only small groups, using radio guides so that we do not have to shout,  we stop where we do not disturb, etc. Finally, minimize the discomfort. We are neighbors from Barcelona and we want to treat our neighbors with the utmost respect!

Because we promote quality services

A question that customers often ask us is “besides being a guide, what do you do”? We are dedicated to being guides! We are guides and this is our PROFESSION. All the guides who collaborate with us, like us, are authorized, professional guides and we live by this, it is what we are passionate about and to which we dedicate time and energy. Continuous training to exceed your expectations.  ;)

Because we promote decent employment and working conditions

It is as easy as paying decent rates to our guides and other providers. It sounds like normal but many times it isn't. We strongly reject models like the so called Free Tours (because they are not free at all!) Where the guide works for the tip!

You can certainly book a tour with our competitors but don't contribute to precariousness by participating in Free Tours. Neither here in Barcelona nor in other cities. We will be really grateful !!!

Because we contribute our taxes to improve society

That's right. We are not based in a tax haven, nor do we know what a figurehead is. We pay our taxes and include 21% VAT on our services as required by law.

For sure we will also do wrong things, we are not perfect, but we strive to improve every day and learn from our mistakes. And concentrate all our energy and our passion so that you can live a UNICA experience !!

Tourism is a fundamental source of wealth for Barcelona and Catalonia, and we must be very grateful to those who choose to come and visit us, considering how many tourist destinations there are in the world!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! But at the same time, we must be all committed to ensuring that the impact on the environment and its inhabitants is minimal and the distribution of wealth is balanced.

Ahh, and to put into practice and respect everything we have listed here, we have become a member of Barcelona + Sostenible and adhere to the Barcelona Biosphere Tourism sustainability agreement (in process of joining, working hard!). By the way, in 2011 Barcelona was the first city in the world to get Biosphere destination certification!