Daytrip to Montserrat

 It is no wonder that Montserrat, the mountain overlooking Barcelona with its strangely shaped rocks, is the spiritual heart of Catalonia:its appearance leaves you speechless and an aura of mystique surrounds this place that for centuries has been the center of legends and veneration.

The "serrated mountain", so called because of its peaks that look like the teeth of a gigantic saw, reaches 1236 m above sea level and is the ideal place for long walks in the woods to discover the hermitages built by monks in remote areas above the monastery, where the Virgin  is still venerated ( the famous Moreneta).

In the Basilica, it is possible to hear  the Escolania, the choir singing the Salve Regina and Virolai (the anthem of Montserrat). This is an important school of singing founded in the fourteenth century and renowned for her angelic voices. (except on Saturdays and holidays)

The Montserrat monastery museum houses important works of famous painters such as Tiepolo, Caravaggio, Jordan, Greek, Dali, Picasso, Monet, Degas and Pissarro, as well as a collection of gold and silver liturgical, archaeological finds and gifts to the Virgin.


From Barcelona it is possible to organize half-day tours.


For those interested in a longer daytrip you can be combined with a visit and tasting at one of the famous cellars of Penedes, or a stroll through the town of Sitges.